Double Header! Houston Astros & Easter Party

To say that we've had a wild two weeks would be a HUGE understatement! We were always planning on doing a carrot and blue gingham themed easter party this week but then we got a very exciting email from the people at Channel 2`s Houston Life, asking us to be on their show hosting an Astros kickoff party which uses the SAME COLORS! So we thought we could show you how to throw TWO parties using a bunch of the same party supplies! We thought that they best way to do this would be to show a our setups side-by-side to show how each of the products is reused.


We used the same technique to create this gingham wall that we did at our lumberjack party. I will link the tutorial on our instagram highlights here if you want to check that out:

What do you think about these giant carrots though?!?! Aren't they the CUTEST!! And they're super easy to make. Just cover some tomato cages in orange paper, scrunch up the top and paint it green, add some fake onion grass, and tie off with some burlap. I've linked everything you need to get started on your own down below, along with me and mom's cute outfits! My shorts are sold out but this top is to die for!! I think it would also be great to wear to an Astros game for a date night.

NEXT UP: The Table

Carrots, carrots and MORE carrots! We found a TON of stuff at Home Goods this season (mostly those adorable carrot mugs!) but all of the exact product we used are linked down below.

Want to know a little trick I learned?! When making the carrot centerpieces, cut off the tops of the carrots and top them off with a bunch of parsley. The parsley is much fluffier and prettier than the actual carrot tops.

When I think of Minute Maid park one of the first things I think about it the train that runs everything time the Astros score. Its such an iconic part of the games and mom thought of the idea to make a train to display all of our food. To make the train, we bought little crates, painted them, added wheels and a smoke stack and then stuck them on the table! It would be such a fun craft to do with your kiddos!!

And even though we think that the train goes perfectly with the Astros party, it would also be so cute at Christmas time if it was painted in different colors.


Alright, for this Astros party we went ALL OUT!! We were inspired by some of our favorite players to make several yummy dishes and snacks!

When I googled Alex Bregman`s favorite food, it said that he LOVES the BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese sandwich from Moonshiners in Downtown Houston. So, since I`m preparing to be Bregman wife material, I decided I had to recreate one for myself! You're welcome Alex, keep swiping on bumble... maybe you'll find me! ;)

I made a full printable version of the recipe down below. It is SO good! You will not be disappointed.

Some of the other cars include:

The conductor car is filled with oranges like the one at Minute Maid Stadium.

Carlos Correa`s car is filled with vegetables because he only eats raw foods.

And Justin Verlander, a man after my own heart, his favorite food is Oreos and Kit Kats so thats what his car is full of!


For the carrot party we had to have carrot cake. Mom has an AMAZING carrot cake recipe but she isn't ready to give away her secret recipe just yet. So, for now, you're going to have to stick with your favorite Pinterest recipe. No matter what recipe you choose, make sure the icing calls for a LOT of cream cheese! :)

To make the little carrots, roll out a thin sheet of white fondant, cut using a carrot cookie cutter and paint using some food dye watered down with some vodka. Don't worry, vodka evaporates quickly, so the carrots won't taste like vodka once they're dry. Let the fondant Harden for a few hours. Then attach the carrots to the side of the cake using a little extra cream cheese icing.

Mom wasn't willing to share her carrot cake recipe just yet BUT thankfully, Orbit was willing to share his Out of this World Key Lime Cake with us!! I made a full printable recipe with directions down below and mom also made y'all a quick little video tutorial that y'all can refer to if y'all have any trouble following the written instructions.


If you're from Houston you know that the two most iconic Houston drinks are the margarita and a locally brewed beer. This week, we we decided to create a new spin on the classic margarita inspired by the Astros vintage rainbow jersey and Mr. Jose Altuve; we call it THE JOSE ALTUVE MINUTE MAID MARGARITA. I created a printable recipe and directions that I`ll leave down below!

Also, how cool is this beer?! Karbach Brewery created a new brew just for the Houston Astros!!! The beer will be available at local grocery retailers and also Minute Maid park. A portion of sales from every Crawford Bock keg and case will benefit the Astros Foundation and its community initiatives, which include youth baseball and softball, military support, childhood cancer awareness and efforts to reduce homelessness. So you can feel extra good sipping on the most authentic beer around!

The Astros cocktail was such a success; however, the Carrot Party cocktail was an EPIC FAIL lol!!! I had found the cutest carrot cocktail recipe on Pinterest that we were going to tweak a little for y'all but Y`ALL if was SO GROSS! Haha I wouldn't make my worst enemy drink it! If y'all come up with a great carrot cocktail will y'all please share it with us because ours just wasn't good. I even came up with a cute name for it, The "What`s Up Doc?" I`ll share the video of me pretending to drink it!! Haha, you win some you lose some.

FAKE NEWS right here people! HAHA


Creating the decorations for both of these parties was SO FUN! We always try our best to invest a little more in pieces that we think that we'll use for multiple parties: things that we think are only going to work for one party we tend to try to find more inexpensive items. I'm sure y'all have seen us use some of the same pieces in previous parties but we've never done a double header like we've done this week. If its something y'all like, let us know and we will try to do this kind of shoot more often!


We can't take all the credit for this buffet! Our sweet friends over at Cast Fireplaces are HUGE Astros fans and let us borrow TONS of Astros gear. Basically, we just played all of our cloth items (flags, shirts, pennants, hats) on the wall to create the backdrop. The baseballs in the middle are just in a cylindrical vase with two foam fingers on a couple of chopsticks. EASY! On the buffet, we have an assortment of snacks, on galvanized trays, including, Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew, Moon Pies, and of course our Out of this World Key Lime Orbit Cake.

If you're in the Houston area, we recommend asking your friends if they have any gear you can borrow too. But, if you're wanting to buy all of these pieces I linked a bunch of similar products, as well as the exact balloon mix, down below.

For the carrot buffet, we kept it pretty simple. Mom and Dad were in Mississippi visiting my little brother and found a TON of these beautiful Blue Willow plates at some local thrift stores. We thought that they added the perfect amount of texture and pattern without being too distracting. However, I`m linking an assorted plate pack down below if you don't feel like braving your local thrift shops!

Then, we just stuck a couple of our giant carrots on the buffet. We recommend, if you don't know how to carry out a theme, make ONE thing really big instead of making a ton of tiny things. Having one big prop makes the theme super obvious and then you aren't having to stress out over coordinating a bunch of little stuff.

All of the carrot supplies and brief instructions are linked above.

Last, but certainly not least, THE MANTLE

We HAD to showcase what the Astros won the World Series!! Its one of our proudest Houston moments! So, we put them front and center for everyone to see. We also included our grass centerpiece again. Y'all we had no idea how versatile that it has been but we have used it for THREE parties and it has looked so different every time!

On the front of the mantle we made a very small balloon garland, using no more than 12 balloons.

And, of course, our big ticket item the astroturf rug. We decided to invest in this piece because we thought it would be awesome at a bunch of parties as well as photo booths!

The cutest mom award goes to my mom, KEISHA HOWELL! Fun fact, I was going to get this dress for myself but when I found it I knew it would look way better on her! Doesn't she look adorable?!

Okay, sorry, back to the mantle. We used 2 giant carrots, 4 blue willow plates, the same grass planter, the same pillows and I painted the Peter Rabbit painting. We thought Pete really tied the whole theme together, especially with his little blue jacket!

We really hope y'all enjoyed this week`s post! We worked SUPER hard and had a TON of fun creating them.

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Also, if youre in the Houston area, we are hosting a Flower Wreath Workshop along with The Picked Flower Co. Girls on Saturday April 6th!! If you`d like to come, you can purchase tickets here ->

Lots of Love,

Shelby and Keisha Howell

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