HTX Rodeo Party

YOU’RE INVITED TO A BIG OL TEXAS RODEO PARTY🌵💕 We decided to make a coaster invitation with the @glowforge, tied around a glass bottle of @drpepper since they’re made in Texas too! What do y’all think?! Would you like an invitation deliver to you with an ice cold @drpepper ?

YEEHAW! it’s rodeo season YALL! And we are having ourselves a good ol’ Texas Rodeo party!! Stay tuned this week for all things Texas!

YALL this is my favorite table we have EVER DONE!💕☺️ 🐄 our centerpiece is filled with cacti, wild pink roses and the yellow rose of Texas! We wish we could have put in some bluebonnets but those little guys are illegal to pick. And you know what they say, Don’t Mess with Texas (flowers!) . THESE PLATES THOUGH! They are all from @hobbylobby and I am OBSESSED!!!! The cow ones are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!😍😍😍 . Lastly, for dessert, we have wild blueberry pie, strawberry margaritas and bluebell ice cream! My dad was VERY excited we had pie and ice cream because that’s his favorite dessert.

WHAT•A•PARTY we absolutely couldn’t have had a Texas party without our most favorite Texas fast food, @whataburger Just look at the bag!! We didn’t even plan that. It was clearly Divine Intervention Also, if you’re out of the state of Texas (first of all I’m sorry lol) you can order whataburger ketchup online, and y’all, it is a GAME CHANGER! It’s so much better than regular ketchup! What’s your favorite thing to order at whataburger? . . I’d also like to apologize to my little brother @blakeevanhowell because I know I just made you hungry and you aren’t in Texas to fix it. Please finish college and come back already!!

CANT TOUCH THIS 🌵💕 y’all aren’t these cupcakes mom made THE CUTEST!!!!! Mom started piping icing flowers one year for my birthday because I don’t really like the taste of fondant. Last week, when we were brainstorming this party, I had the idea that she should try to make cactus cupcakes and look how cute they came out!!!! This is her first time doing cactus y’all!!! LIKE, WHAT?! They’re AMAZING and tasty! 😋🌵💕 . . Also, moms dress is from the kids department of @walmart 😂 my mom is only 5 feet tall so if you’re also on the shorter side you could definitely go get this dress too!! It’s SUPER flattering and is CACTUS PRINT😍 you can see a full picture of the dress from our post Monday!

Obviously my margarita has to be pink! ☺️💕🌵 margaritas are my thing because my birthday is on Cinco De Mayo so it’s in my blood! Try our strawberry margarita recipe below! 😋 . . Strawberry Margaritas 🍓 🌵 * 1 pound ripe strawberries, hulled * 1/3 cup fresh lime juice * 1 cup tequila * 1/3 cup Triple Sec * 1/3 cup agave * coarse salt for rims

Do you like our saloon doors?! They’re actually some antique shutters that my dad helped up hang up. They aren’t actually functional but they are super cute!!😂💕 We cut out the “YEHAW” with our @glowforge We are obviously pretty obsessed with our glowforge so far, it’s SO cool!!😍

We really hope yall enjoyed our Houston Rodeo Party!! This was BY FAR our favorite and we can`t wait for rodeo season to roll around next year! I have linked all of the products we used below <3 xoxo Shelby & Keisha

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