Polar Bear Coke Party

Brrrrrrrr! We’re cooling off this week with a polar bear coke party!!☺️❤️ We wanted to show you how you can easily reuse your party staples to make other parties. Do you recognize this table?? We just added a few simple decorations from our white Christmas party to make this theme!

I get by with a little help from my friends!☺️❤️ so, during the day, I am actually an elementary art teacher. A few weeks ago, my kindergarteners helped me make some @cocacola bears and they turned out so cute that they actually inspired this party!

Don’t worry, I got permission from their parents to be featured on the blog! Didn’t they turn out SO cute?! I’m sure they’re going to be so excited to see how much everyone likes them.

We actually had a lot of trouble finding polar bears this year but we finally found these little guys at @athome They were actually for Christmas but we thought they looked much better at our table. Right now, Christmas stuff is 50% off at @athome so if you want them, better go grab them soon! We added the scarves with a little red ribbon. What do y’all think??

POWDERED POLAR BEAR😍😍😍 This little guy was so easy to make!! You need: 1 regular sized powdered donut, 2 @hostess_snacks powdered donuts, 1 @hersheys kiss, and 2 chocolate chips. Place the regular donut on the plate. Put one of the hostess donuts on top for his snout. Cut the other hostess donut in half to make his ears. Put the Hershey kiss, upside down in the hole of the hostess donut for his nose. Place the chocolate chips on the big donut for his eyes. SO EASY AND INEXPENSIVE!! What do you guys think??

Life’s better with coke ❤️

Do y’all recognize this garland?? It’s our snowball garland from our white Christmas party! Check out our white Christmas blog post on directions how to make it ☺️

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