shamROCK ON!

We’re feeling lucky over at The Party Haus 🍀🍀🍀 stay tuned this week for all things green, gold, and Irish! . We made these four leaf clover balloons by tying 4 heart shaped balloons together, easy-peasy!

Kiss me I’m Irish (or at least, partly Irish according to @23andme) 💋🍀 We decided to take a little field trip for this week’s photo wall! If you’re in the Houston area you should check out, the local patio bar, @bobcatteddys clover wall for the most perfect St. Patrick’s Day picture. While you’re there, you can also pick up a cold one to celebrate in true Irish fashion! My favorite is @karbachbrewing Love Street🍻☺️🍀

In the wise words of @kanyewestt_official : . She take my money when I'm in need Yeah, she's a triflin' friend indeed Oh, she's a gold digger Way over town, that digs on me 🍀🍻💰

So, mom was looking up our genealogy last night and it turns out that we come from (Scottish, whoops) ROYALTY!!! 👑👸🏽 I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN I WAS MEANT TO BE ROYAL!!!!! So, mom is probs going to trade in her leprechaun hat for a crown pretty soon! . I just want everyone to know that we will now respond to Queen Keisha and Princess Shelby🍀☺️👑 thank you . We also had SUPER exciting meeting and some upcoming events to tell y’all about very soon!!!☺️💕

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