Shelbys`s VIENTEcinco de mayo Fiesta!

Updated: May 9, 2019

WELCOME TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY AMIGOS it’s VIENTEcinco DE MAYO!!! My birthday is on Cinco de Mayo so for as long as I can remember I’ve had a FIESTA!!👠 Stay tuned this week for all things spicy, sassy, Mexican and (of course) PINK!!💕💕💕

The Mantle:

This isn’t just a regular balloon garland, it’s a LIGHT UP BALLOON GARLAND!!⭐️💕✨🎈Thanks to our friends @illoomsofficial! They have so many cool illuminated balloons that last for up to 15 hours!!!

Like, is this not seriously the COOLEST thing you`ve ever seen?!

We think that illooms would be such a great addition to a TON of different parties!! Imagine how cute it would be at a slumber party! A balloon garland night light?! YES PLEASE!!!

I`ll leave a link for the illooms product page here ->

Cakes & Cupcakes

Look at the cake mom made me!!!!!! it looks exactly like the tissue paper wall we made behind us!!!! This is kind of a throwback technique, using a star tip all over. I think it looks exactly the same as the wall!! Also, id like to thank @apple for designing an emoji after me!🥺 that was so thoughtful of y’all!! I just HAD to recreate it for the topper!

I decided to doodle myself a BUNCH of cake toppers for this party since they seemed to be such a hit!! After I drew them, I cut them out and engraved them with the @glowforgeand popped them on top of mom’s lemon curd cupcakes

Y’all KNOW I wasn’t going to just do a regular margarita for my birthday (even though margaritas are my all time favorite drink😂)!! Introducing, SHELBY’S TRES LECHES BIRTHDAY CAKE MARGARITA!! 🍹🎂🐄💃🏻💕


1 oz tequila 🍹

1 oz Kahlúa ☕️

3 oz strawberry milk 🍓

Splash of cream or coconut milk

Whipped Cream 🐮

Sprinkles ✨

Honey/Agave/syrup (for sprinkle rim) 🍯


In a cocktail shaker with ice combine, tequila, kahlua, strawberry milk, and cream. Shake well for 20 seconds. To add sprinkles to the rim, dip in honey/agave/syrup. Coat in whatever sprinkles you like. . Pour margarita and top with whipped cream and MORE sprinkles! What do y’all think?! Would would serve tres leches margaritas at your fiesta?!

The Table:

Welcome to The Party Casa! We serve quesadillas and CAKE!!!! For real though, how cute is this party!!?💕 Side note: sombreros on the lights make a super cute gram but you definitely shouldn’t do it for real unless you want to burn your house down. All of the product details are linked under my amazon shopping list!

Thank y’all so much for celebrating my birthday with me this week! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo Amazon List:

Sorry about the weird formatting, i`m still figuring out how to make my amazon shopping list. You can also view the full list in amazon by clicking the "Cinco de Mayo Amazon List" above.

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