Sugar Plum Party

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

This week we are having a Sugar Plum party which means pink, pink and more pink!!

The Table

This table has all of our favorites: PINK, glitter, chocolate, balloons, flowers and shoes!!💕😍 We think a sugar plum party would be the CUTEST theme for your little sugar plum fairy!

The Mantle

Do you ever have a project that you’re kind of nervous about in the middle and then you finish and you FREAKING LOVE IT??😍 That’s how the Sugar Plum Party was for us! We covered the mantle in balloons and then added homemade paper flowers and fairy lights! And our tree is COVERED in #vintage pink ornaments! 💕 WE. ARE. IN. LOVE. I’m going to be SO sad to take it down next week because I could live in this cozy pink room forever! All of the balloons are from @amazon ☺️

The Photo Booth

Sugar plum fairy vibes 👸🏽👑💕 this outfit is brought to you by hoarding! Haha is it bad that I didn’t have to buy a single thing for this look?😂 I’ve literally had this @laurenconrad skirt in my closet for 3 years and have never worn it until NOW! Every single flower on this wall was custom made! We don’t use templates so they come out looking as unique and beautiful as a real flower. We also hoard paper so we are equipped to make basically any color or style flower you might need! 🙈

The Tree Skirt

We are in LOVE with our Christmas tree skirt! We had a few extra paper flowers (shown later this week) and decided to stick them under the tree and fell in love!!😍 I think this weeks Sugar Plum party is my favorite theme yet!! It is SO over the top and girly! We hope you love it too! .


We were inspired by @cakeandconfetti post about PINK HOT CHOCOLATE on Sunday and we decided we HAD to make our own along with a pink hot chocolate bar! We had ALL the fixings to make every cup of pink hot chocolate over the top!! It’s super easy! All you have to do is add 4 cups whole milk 1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 cup nesquik strawberry (or more😋) Throw those ingredients in a pot for about 5 minutes and serve!! YUM We topped ours with pink and white striped, organic, strawberry @smashmallow we found at @targetalong with a TON of other cute toppings! 😋

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