The Bachelor Valentines Party

WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS ROSE? 🌹 “it’s going to be the most dramatic (PARTY) ever.” @chrisbharrison

All party supplies will be linked at the bottom of the post.

Roses and chocolate?! 🌹🍫 YES PLEASE!! Isn’t this cake INCREDIBLE?! Mom learned to pipe flowers a few years ago, for my birthday, because I don’t like the taste of fondant!

HAPPY BACHELOR MONDAY EVERYONE!🌹☺️ we thought it was only fitting that we have a whole WALL of roses! What do y’all think?

This is the final rose peeps! We hope y’all enjoyed our @thebachelor party!!🌹💋 . If you want to shop any of our party supplies and outfits make sure to screenshot the pictures with the icon in the bottom right hand corner and open up the app .


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