Dreaming of a White Christmas

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

We’re dreaming of a white christmas ❄️We decided for this party we would tone down the color a little and we are in LOVE with the white monochrome.

The Table

This table was so fun to create. At first, we were having a little trouble coming up with how to give it a little height without making it too cluttered but then we decided to add giant “ice” blocks. We thought that the glass added some dimension without cluttering up the overall look and feel of the party. We picked up ours at lowes.

Most of the snowflakes are from the dollar tree so they are SUPER inexpensive!

The Photo Booth

This photo booth was actually super easy to make. All we did was make GIANT snowflakes out of butcher paper and stuck them on the wall! Literally anyone could do it. And i am actually obsessed with this white sweater. Its from Walmart and it is so soft and cozy. I wear it all the time!

The Cake

Isn’t this snowflake cake the cutest?! ❄️☺️The snowflakes on this cake were made out of gum paste and cut out using some cutters we found on amazon. Then, they were dusted with edible glitter and decorated with pearl sprinkles!! We think the result is pretty cute if we do say so ourselves. If you want to make your own snowflake cake, these are the exact snowflake cutters we used here! 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 https://amzn.to/2BBLEzL


What do you think about our snowball garland? It’s SUPER easy to make!! All you have to do is string styrofoam balls together!! THAT’S IT PEOPLE! The styrofoam is just shiny enough to mimic the look of snow☺️ It’s too easy of a hack not to share!! Also, don’t you LOVE our Christmas tree? We loved that it was just lightly flocked and it’s slightly larger lights made it look #fancy! It was so pretty we decided to keep it undecorated (for now) 😉 If you’d like to get a tree for your house, head to @lowes

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